Desert Portraits - 2019

This collection, through warm, pastel tones, has been captured in the Atacama desert.
Those are very extreme and harsh environments with high elevation and lack of water resources.
Very few animals and plants are present due to the land’s arid nature and that enhances the
overall feeling of being in a deserted expanse with no sights or sounds. The images evoke a sense
of immersion into the places Zonca finds herself in and of the freedom and sense of space these
desolate,yet visually striking landscapes provide.

The mood of these images is not one by chance; these portray the emotional and psychological
journey undertaken by the photographer to find escapism in natural architecture of the land,
an element of responding to the sublime in the world around her. With a strong emphasis on form
and colour palette, Desert Portraits, explores craggy landscapes that, for Zonca, represent a
moon-like kingdom on Earth. The images transport a viewer to a world wholly of its own.

Hardcover – 112 pages – Matte Paper
170x230mm – 1 kg – English
Isbn – 9789187815393

Published by The New Heroes & Pioneers


Investigations In Infrastructure - 2022

Investigations In Infrastructure is a survey of contemporary photography exploring the infrastructure of our everyday environment. Showcasing images from 162 artists, this 168 page hardcover books measures 9 x 8.75″ and features a debossed and foil stamped cover. Curated by Noah Waldeck.

Published by Subjectively, Objective. 


Everything is Narrative - 2022

Everything Is Narrative is an anthology of contemporary photography exploring the open-ended nature of photographic storytelling. Showcasing images from 162 artists, this 168 page hardcover books measures 9 x 8.75″ and features a debossed and foil stamped cover. Curated by Noah Waldeck. 

Published by Subjectively, Objective.


Not Me, Us - 2020

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen.”
Not Me, Us Photo Book - A collaborative global artistic effort for change.

100 artists from around the world come together, contributing their works towards a collective
whole to raise funding and awareness for the victims of COVID-19.
200 page book filled with new works from 100 artists around the world.

100% of proceeds are donated to ONE FAIR WAGE, who provide cash assistance to tipped,
service, and gig workers who's incomes have been impacted by COVID-19.

All purchases come with a digital version of the book.


SHARE: Scandinavia - 2016

An inspiring collection of contemporary works which capture Scandinavia’s placid and rugged
landscapes, epic myths and legends, or simply stuff that makes you contemplate through the
diverse thoughts of their creators, all from the region or inspired by it.

50 carefully selected Scandinavian artists, photographers, illustrators and painters,
or international artists all expressing their interpretation of life through beautiful art
inspired by Scandinavia.

This co-edition is presented along with New Heroes & Pioneers and JUNIQE,
the online affordable art shop.

Hardcover – 108 pages – Matte Paper
308x400mm – 1.83 kg – English


all images © 2024 Chiara Zonca